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Nothing says ‘Welcome to summer!’ like biting into a juicy burger hot off the grill!

Am I right?!?

Beef burger. Jalapeno-cheddar burger. Bacon cheese burger. Hawaiian Fire brat burger. I love them ALL.

What I don’t love is a wimpy, bland bun. Yuk.

Chances are that if I text someone to pick up buns on their way home, they’ll return with pale, store brand hamburger buns. (I’m giving my brother Kevin the side-eye right now.)

A top-notch burger needs a top-notch bun…

  • One that stands up to the full-flavored meat.
  • One that doesn’t get soggy and fall apart when it even looks at the burger.

I NEED a bun that earns a best-supporting actor award in my summer kick-off celebration.

We don’t want YOU to pull a Kevin at this weekend’s barbecue!

So grab a pack of Bauman Bakery Burger Buns at market this Saturday.
It’s on us!

That right…with any meat purchase you can choose between Sourdough or Cheese Burger Buns. Just show this COUPON and you, too, can have the best burgers on the block. (To get special offers, like this coupon, sign-up for our Fresh Talk from the Farm emails on our home page!)

The buns–like all of the baked goods you’ll find at the Mobile Meat Market–are made by my cousin Alissa and her family. This branch of the Bauman clan has been selling it’s breads, pies, cookies and jams at the City Market for 30 years. (My absolute favs are the butter horns!!! You’ve gotta try them!)

A couple of years back, Joanna and I went to market with them. It was an adventure that you can read all about HERE. (Spoiler alert: It involves waking up at 3:30 AM and 500 loaves of bread, 200 pies, 1,770 cookies, 2,250 cinnamon rolls, and 324 dinner rolls..and 10,000 smiles–I’m NOT kidding!)

That made me soooo hungry just typing that.

So please come by on Saturday and get your burgers and buns!
We’re also fully stocked with all the steaks, chops, and chicken you could ever need to round out your Memorial Day BBQ.