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KARKÓWKA Z GRILA or Polish Grilled Pork Cottage Steaks Recipe


To be honest, I had no clue.
And that’s what I love about our farm model: I learn so much from our Farm Fans!

One of our customers had commented that our famous Cottage Bacons reminded him of this Karkowka z Grilla, which is a Polish style pork cutlet, tenderized and grilled.
Here’s what Jonathan said:

I had the pleasure of living and working in Poland for almost 17 years from the time the Wall came down.

I am not an expert on butchering but I am darn close in eating all things Pork. This cut looks a lot like what the Poles call “karkowka”, and they both cured and sold it raw. In its raw state I would slice it 1/4 to 3/8″ inch thick and tenderize it with a tenderizing mallet, marinate it and grill it – one of my all time favorites.

I owned a bar and restaurant in addition to my normal profession and had garden seating and grilled this and many other pork cuts for customer but this was like candy. I bought my meats directly from the producer, the sausages were still warm from the curing racks.

Ready to try it? Get the RECIPE!

Pork Cottage Steaks on grill