Got fresh meat? Bauman’s Mobile Meat Market does!

Our special FRESH offerings explained Got Fresh Meat? The Baumans do! Since we're the farmer AND the butcher, we are able to closely coordinate our butcher dates with market times and snag some select pasture raised cuts for the ultimate local meat experience! You've maybe heard how fresh meat is better. Of course, [...]

Got fresh meat? Bauman’s Mobile Meat Market does!2021-07-12T20:06:11-05:00

FREE SLIDERS with Grill Stock Up Bundle

FREE SLIDERS with Memorial Day Grilling Bundle Firing up the grill for Memorial Day Day? We've got you covered! FREE SLIDERS with any combo of six Burgers and Brats... Getting the Deal: Head over to the shop for BURGERS and BRATS and Add SIX packages to your cart Then check out the SLIDERS and [...]

FREE SLIDERS with Grill Stock Up Bundle2021-05-19T11:44:05-05:00

V-Day Meals Worth Making. . . You’ve got this!

VALENTINE'S DAY Since making reservations isn’t really on the table for this year, we’re here with some local farm to table inspiration… Show me the 100% Grassfed Steaks BEEF GRASSFED, GRASS-FINISHED, DRY-AGED STEAKS Did you know one of the BEST methods to prepare our [...]

V-Day Meals Worth Making. . . You’ve got this!2021-02-11T09:24:38-06:00

2 ingredient – 3 step, 100% fool-proof Crockpot Chicken

2 ingredient – 3 step, 100% fool-proof Crockpot Chicken This is the recipe we give out when someone protests that they don't know how to cook a whole chicken. It may not be gourmet, but it will taste like it, and you can't mess it up! STEP ONE: Find a 3 – 4 pound [...]

2 ingredient – 3 step, 100% fool-proof Crockpot Chicken2021-01-07T16:30:48-06:00

Polish-Style Grilled Pork Cottage Steaks

What happens when your customers make an ask??? ...You make their 'Polish Pork Candy' Dreams Happen! POLISH GRILLED PORK SHOULDER or KARKÓWKA Z GRILLA with Kansas-raised pastured pork cottage steaks? Kara-ka-whata? To be honest, I had no clue. And that's what I love about our farm model: I learn so much [...]

Polish-Style Grilled Pork Cottage Steaks2021-01-06T09:47:15-06:00

Hilary’s ‘Can’t Miss’ Pasta Recipe

Hilary's Famous Family Pasta Dish . . . With Mouton Sausage!!! If you're one of those folks who have never been privileged to taste pastured lamb and wonder what the hoopla is about, we're gonna let you in on the secret! Did you know that there's Lamb CAFOs? When we think [...]

Hilary’s ‘Can’t Miss’ Pasta Recipe2020-10-07T20:19:44-05:00

Pekin Duck: Pasture-raised with non-gmo feed

Pekin Duck: A self-basting bird extraordinare I'm not going to lie . . . Sometimes I feel like we ACTUALLY live on Old MacDonald's Farm over here. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. With a moo-moo here. And a quack-quack, there. E-I-E-I-O. You get the idea. It can get a little crazy at chore time. [...]

Pekin Duck: Pasture-raised with non-gmo feed2020-07-28T12:19:06-05:00

Summer Fire Celebration Chicken

Foolproof, palate-pleasing Summer Fire Celebration Chicken! Grilling chicken can get a little stressful. Especially when you're trying to feed everyone their favorite parts... The kids love their drumsticks. Your spouse is into the flavorful thighs. And you're all about the meaty breasts. We've got a secret to making your life a [...]

Summer Fire Celebration Chicken2020-06-24T11:41:43-05:00